Private Teaching Studio FAQ


Who:  I teach anyone who is passionate and motivated to improve his/her healthy and expressive singing voice.  Young students through middle-school benefit from lessons divided in two parts: voice training (technique + repertoire) and music reading skills (theory). High school students, adults, and professionals typically receive instruction in technique and repertoire.

What:  All students are taught the foundational principles of healthy classical vocal technique.  My primary training is in the classical, Italian technique necessary for professional performance of opera, oratorio, and art song repertoire.  Beyond that, I regularly accommodate the following styles: commercial (Disney), Broadway (legit through light belt), and pop voice.  Many of my students are successful singing in multiple genres.  For me, the golden rule dictates that I will not teach a technique or style which will jeopardize the long term vocal health of the student.

When:  Lesson days and times are arranged on an individual basis.

Where: My studio is located on the fourth floor (416) of the School of Music and Fine Arts at Palm Beach Atlantic University, 326 Acacia Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.



30 minutes (elementary school age only) = $50 per lesson OR $45 for full month in advance.

45 minutes (usual middle-school & high school length) = $60 or $55 for full month in advance.

60 minutes (advanced/professional) = $65 or $60 for full month in advance.


Cancellation Policy:


All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. When possible, rescheduling is preferred, rather than missing a week.

Same day cancellations will be assessed the full lesson fee. 

IMPORTANT: I will always work with you regarding emergency situations!  This usually does not include illnesses.  Should you feel like you are coming down with something, please contact me the night before your lesson so we might plan appropriately.


Material costs: Sheet music costs vary depending on the student’s level of ability.  Typically, material fees average approximately

$30 per semester.

Recording your lesson: All students are required to record their lessons.  IPhones and IPads are an easy way to accomplish this.  Students can also bring blank CD’s, and I will use my studio equipment to record them.  When possible, periodically recording your lesson in video is extremely useful for self-assessment and practicing.

Practice Expectations: You are expected to practice regularly.  Like any physical skill, regular use of your singing mechanism is necessary to advance your technical and expressive ability.  Students are regularly required to memorize songs as part of the learning/performance process.

Performance Opportunities:

1. Should you have a solo performance opportunity, please be sure to work on the repertoire with me well in advance of

the performance.

2. Studio performance opportunities sometimes arise.  When these occur, participation is strongly encouraged.


Guest policy: Many students work at their best without others observing their lessons.  Nevertheless, parents are always welcome to sit

in on lessons.  Additional guests are permitted by advance permission of the instructor.